The Hopper model is most commonly used in the basement of homes. The unit is hinged at the bottom and opens from the top into your home. Our hopper is constructed with the same quality materials that are used in our double hung and slider models.

Construction Features of the Hopper Window

  • R35 (DP) structural performance
  • Frame and sash have multiple hollows for strength and energy efficiency
  • True slope sill non-weeped design with dual weather-stripping
  • Double wall interior sill leg allows smooth sash operation
  • All fusion welded sash and frame for a durable window
  • Exterior contoured frame design leaves 3/4” surface
  • Exterior glazing bead
  • Full-length weather stripping in meeting rails
  • Sash has generous recess located below insulated glass unit to channel water away
  • A “snap” on the hinge arm allows for easy removal of the sash

Color & Grids


Vinyl- white and beige
Wood Grain Laminate – dark, light oak and cherry
Applied Finishes – bronze, brown, and clay
Varieties of interior and exterior
color combinations available.
Please ask your distributor for color samples

Grids Patterns

Grids- come between the glass.
Patterns include diamond, colonial,
prairie & queen ann prairie.
Flat and contour grids available for all
window styles.