Thermal-Gard Building Products, Inc. Warranty


Thermal-Gard Building Products, Inc., the Warrantor, guarantees that the specified product is free from defects in workmanship and materials for 25 years from the date of manufacture. This warranty covers:

  • Workmanship and materials
  • Glass parts, ensuring freedom from obstruction for 25 years.
  • Rigid vinyl material for 25 years (except normal weathering)
  • Specialty glass for 10 years
  • Applied finishes from blister, peeling and fading for 15 years.



This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • Broken glass, torn screen cloth, and exterior hardware after 5 years
  • Commercially acceptable flaws in standard or Low-E window glass
  • Claims related to appearance issues



  • Transferable only to the original site of installation
  • Requires original proof of purchase and a $50.00 transfer fee


Recourse for Breach

In case of a breach, the consumer is limited to:

  • Repair or replacement parts at the Warrantor’s discretion
  • Customer responsibility for repair, removal, and shipping costs


Limitation of Liability

  • In lieu of all other warranties
  • Not responsible for water damage, loss, or damage to personal property


Exclusions from Warranty

  • Does not cover normal wear and tear, improper installation, or damages caused by natural disasters, intentional acts, or negligence


Legal Rights

This Limited Warranty provides specific legal rights; additional rights may vary by state.


Obtaining Warranty Service

  • Contact the place of purchase within 30 days of discovering defects
  • Provide warranty copy, installation date, and problem description
  • Customer may be required to ship defective parts with prepaid shipping charges


Contact Information

For warranty services or inquiries, contact Thermal-Gard Building Products, Inc. at the provided address or call 1-800-846-4273.