Window & Door Screens

At Thermal-Gard Building Products, Inc., we understand that the details matter. That’s why our window screens are designed not only for functionality but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Explore our range of screen options to find the perfect fit for your windows.

Standard Screen Construction Features:

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Custom Matched Paint Colors

Your home’s color scheme is unique, so why shouldn’t your window & door screens match? Thermal-Gard is proud to offer custom color matching for all our applied finishes. Whether you are looking to coordinate with your existing color palette or trying something new, we ensure a perfect match. Just let us know the color you need, and our team will handle the rest, providing a seamless look across all your building products.

Wood Grain Options

For a touch of natural beauty, our traditional screens are available with wood grain finishes. This option allows you to enjoy the classic look of wood while benefiting from the durability and low maintenance of our standard aluminum frames. Perfect for adding a warm, rustic touch to any room, our wood grain screens blend seamlessly with traditional and contemporary styles alike.

Thermal-Gard Building Products, Inc. Carries FlexScreen Products!

If you are in search of the finest screens on the market, look no further than FlexScreen, available at Thermal-Gard Building Products, Inc. Our FlexScreen products offer unmatched durability and ease-of-use, seamlessly blending with any style to enhance your view without the hassle of traditional screens. 

FlexScreen Features: